Welding Operations from TSD Training

Welding Operations from TSD Training
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Welding Operations from TSD Training

Description of Welding Operations from TSD Training

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Manufacturer Description

Welding Operations

The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic requirements involved in metal-arc welding operations and the inert gas welding processes, and maintenance of welding equipment.

The scope of this course consists of describing the classification of electrodes and their intended uses; describing automotive welding processes, materials and identification processes; describing the methods of destructive and nondestructive testing of welds and troubleshooting procedures; describing the type and techniques of joint design; and describing the theory, principles, and procedures of welding armor plate.

The course also consists of the inert gas welding principles, equipment, and safety precautions; the gas metal-welding principles operations, and equipment nomenclature; and the procedures for troubleshooting and repairing welding equipment.

This course is based on welding used by the military on heavy equipment.

This course is part of our Welding series.

Full illustrations and diagrams included.


- Electrodes Classification and Intended Uses
- Automotive Welding Processes
- Materials
- Identification Processes
- Methods of Destructive and Non Destructive Testing of Welds and Troubleshooting Procedures
- Types and Techniques of Joint Design and the Theory
- Inert Gas Welding Principles
- Equipment and Safety Precautions
- Gas Metal-Welding Principles
- Operations and Equipment
- Nomenclature
- Procedures for Troubleshooting Welding