TIG Welding I

TIG Welding I
TIG Welding I TIG Welding I TIG Welding I (click images to enlarge)

Description of TIG Welding I

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Manufacturer Description

Are you new to TIG Welding? Still working on laying smooth and consistent beads? Do you spend way too much time grinding your tungsten? Then this is the video for you. This video teaches you how to set up your TIG welding machine and your torch for the different types of welding that you will be doing. We cover how to establish a good arc, how to properly add filler metal, and show you different TIG welding techniques for joining metal in a variety of joints. THIS VIDEO WILL COVER: Machine setup -Amps, gas flow, AC vs. DC. Torch setup, Types of torches and torch components, How to start an arc, How to control your heat, The proper way to add filler metal, How to tell a good weld from a bad weld and much more. The best part of this video is that it shows what the weld looks like from the welders perspective and lets the student see the weld pool as it would look from behind the welding mask.

Product Features

Learn From a 20 Year Veteran Welder See what the welder sees A GREAT video for a beginner